November 20, 2012


This month's One Little Word is "Dare."

It's not that I am afraid of heights, but I tell you, that poem on Ronda's blog is still resonating deep inside me, like a constant hum that I must give attention to.  The word "dare," another strike on the gong, sending a new wave of sound rippling through me, adding amplitude to the wake up call.

I immediately thought of a cliff, of a diver, of someone choosing to make the leap, their faith strong and freeing, such that they descend from great height in grace and joy.

Well, this little honey doesn't quite embody that trust and confidence, perched uncertainly on the edge of her diving board, but I like to think she is mustering courage and summoning the inner-strength needed to move forward and take the dare!

I love that these One Little Word challenges truly make me stop and ponder.  My consciousness is awakened to the word and finding the power and meaning I need in them at this moment.  The word rolls around in my mind and soul as I create the art, as I think about creating the art, and as I step into living each day.  I feel a bit electrified as I consider being more daring, of finding composure in taking action, even if the results are unknown and the worst is scary.  I want to be enveloped in a graceful descent, not fall in a sprawling mess of flailing limbs, fruitlessly clawing the air and waking all of mankind with a deafening scream. 

I choose to dare.