April 18, 2013

Beauty Secrets

Yeah, sorry to have pulled you in with that post title.  Lol!  It's more a "Dirty Little Secret" than a "Beauty Secret".  Um…maybe it's actually a "What Not To Do" than it is "A Tip".

I cut my own bangs.  And Meaghan, (and Leyla, and Lindsey, and Sharon, and the other Sharon, and every other professional I've ever entrusted with maintaining my locks) deal with it, kindly, and ask me not to, and will do it at no charge if I would just come into the salon and ask.  "5 minutes!" they say, "that's all it'll take!"

So, here is the secret, here is the probable reason they object to my self-care:

Cocoa Daisy has a monthly "Pleased to Meet You" challenge, highlighting one of their amazing Design Team members, in which you take inspiration from their personal style of scrapping.  This month features Denise Morrison.  A few of the design elements I took from Denise are, off-cropping (for lack of a better term) my photo, journaling directly onto the background paper, use of arrows and torn paper, and paint splats.

True Denise style would have included scribbles, gesso, and stenciling.    Head on over to the Cocoa Daisy blog, get inspired and link up!  This "just for fun" challenge goes until May 13, so maybe I'll have time for a second attempt at channeling my masterfully-messy, inner Denise! (God, I really hope I have an inner Denise!  Getting to know her through the Cocoa Daisy message boards--this is the kind of woman you'd wear a WWDD bracelet for, for strength in the moment, and asking yourself, "What would Denise do??  I love her!)