July 27, 2013


Revlie put forth the word FIERCE for this month's inspiration at One Little Word.  I quickly slapped the word onto a piece of scrap paper and posted it in my art-ing space.  What does "fierce" mean to me? 

My first conjuring while contemplating this powerful word was Tyra Banks and her modeling mojo. But, I already blogged about that, so I continued my meditation.

Tigers.  Tigers are FIERCE.  

I pulled some newspaper out of the recycle bin to see if I was capable of painting such a majestic beast, roaring with fierceness.

The section of paper I grabbed caught me off guard, and my mind-picture of "fierce" was wadded up and reborn with powerful metaphor and a comparative feeling of smallness.

The Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite firefighting crew in Prescott, AZ, who lost their lives on June 30, 2013 battling the Yarnell Hill fire

I decided that I would continue with my idea to paint a tiger on the newspaper.  These 19 men epitomize fierceness.  

In an article at CNN.com Prescott Fire Chief Dan Fraijo described the Hotshot crew:  "These are the guys that will go out there with 40, 50 pounds of equipment and walk five miles. They'll sleep out there as they try to develop fire lines" to protect homes.  Roy Hall, an incident commander with the state forestry commission said, "They are the elite of the ground firefighters.  They're highly trained and highly specialized.  They are a younger generation.  That's the tragedy of it, that lives would be lost of such a young group," 

I added the names of the nineteen to the flames.  I am humbled by the courageous choices so many men and women of the world make, that they are able to sign on for danger, go through extreme training and preparedness to step up to protect others; not just acting on impulse when a situation arises, but planning aforehand to be the one to call.

Thank you, with fierce appreciation and gratitude.

July 15, 2013

Whispered Wish

Hello!  I wanted to share this little 8x8 inch piece I made for my local scrapbook store, Remember When using Prima's Fairy Rhymes line.   I didn't think I'd be able to make something with these papers that "are so not me," but I did, and I love it! 

I started by brainstorming my thoughts on fairies, and "Fairy Rhymes" dictated there be some poetry.

A little poem I wrote about dandelions.
Did you think of the floating seeds as fairies when you were young?
Do you still?

One of the challenges I find with papers and bits with people, fairies, cherubs, etc. is finding a photo that won't compete for attention.  The eye is naturally drawn to faces.  I decided a photo without a face was a good solution, and the little fairy peeking from behind it would help draw attention across from the main fairy to the photo.

I love how this Prima Distressing Tool can be used to age a freshly printed photo.

It's ok to whisper your wishes, even though I know some superstitions say your wish won't come true if you say it out loud.   I've always taught my kids that if you keep your wish inside, then you are also keeping it from some human helpers who could assist in making that dream come true.  

A bit of fussy-cutting to make a recessed frame in the design.

So, do you have any wishes you'd like to whisper in my ear, or shout to the world?  :)  The fairies are also listening!

July 07, 2013

They Glow

We visited my parents in San Diego last weekend, and the sunset was simply spectacular!  As the sky morphed and changed minute by minute I took picture after picture after picture.  I was tickled by the thought that this is my mom and dad's "new normal".  This is the view from their home-- this sunset, visible from their kitchen window, the sofa in the family room, the outdoor dining table, the swimming pool.

I hand cut the title from the card stock and backed it with an array of scraps
from Graphic 45's Bohemian Bazar collection.

Ooo!  This is the first time I've ever used a transparency!  Such a cool way to add depth and texture while
keeping things light and neutral.  This one is from Alison Kreft for Webster's Pages 

I watercolored a gradient on my journaling tag, as well as on my background paper, prior to cutting out the title.

They are so happy!  I am so happy for them!  I love that even after two years my dad is still giddy with the disbelief that this is their home.  Congratulations!  I love you!

Thanks for stopping in!