October 17, 2011

A Safe Place

I don't know why I was starting to feel uncomfortable in my own skin.  My own "blog skin," that is.  Is there such a thing?  Blog skin?  There is probably a better term, but let me explain where I am coming from, and then maybe we can come up with the right terminology together.

Anyway, I was starting to feel uncomfortable with the direction my blogging was going on Unique Like Everyone Else.  I have been entertaining more crafty hobbies and outlets these days, and blogging about house, home, and family less.  When I do feel the urge to blog, I often want to share some of my finished projects, and the more I share those types of posts, the more I feel rather indulgent, like, "Hey!  Look at me!  I made this!  The kids?  Oh, they're fine.  Wanna see what else I made?"   So, instead I find myself keeping a lot of things private as I've chosen to document them with scrapbooking or art journaling, and who wants to see that?

Well,  maybe some people do!

I go to a lot of other crafty blogs, and  they are filled with post after post of creative yumminess.  I realized that I wanted a place like that, too.  A place where I could post as much artsy stuff as I wanted, and I wouldn't feel like I was boring anyone because they had, in fact, come to my new blog, My Peace of Paper, to see my art, not weed through it to get to the other stuff.   Don't worry, sweet grandparents and doting aunts and uncles:  I will still be chronicling the Flaherty family funnies, triumphs and tribulations over at ULEE (Unique Like Everybody Else) and will probably have some cross-links from here to there and vice versa.

Wow!  I feel much better now!  Thank you for coming to my Safe Place.  However, don't feel like you can't leave criticism in the comments.  That's not the safety I am seeking.  It's more the "Oh, boy.  There she goes with the art stuff again,"  insecurity I have over on the main blog.  That is what My Peace of Paper is here for--the art stuff.  That's where I find a lot of my peace, in being creative.

Thank you for visiting!
(I'll post about the layout this picture was cropped from tomorrow!  See ya' then!)

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