February 14, 2012

Local Girl Triumphs

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Laugh if you must.  I've lived in the Los Angeles area for almost 18 years.  And the first three years I had a job that required me to drive to a lot of different areas.  I am really good at driving from A to B.  But if I have to get from B to C, it'd be best for me if I drove back to A and then headed out to C.  I'm a homing pigeon of sorts, I guess.  Also, my A point in those days was the LAPD Crime Lab, so if you need any directions, I'll have to send you there for a layover before heading you out to your final destination.  Except, now that I think about it, they have since relocated the Crime Lab.  So, unless they've also moved the duck slaughtering facility that was next door to the lab :-(  , and Chinatown adjacent, you're better off asking somebody else for directions. 

Which is why this seemingly trivial event is really a notable achievement for me, and I felt kinda like a local for the first time. 

Here's the story:

And here are those girls!  My daughter, Jillian, is there in the middle,
dressed as a favorite character, Lichtenstein, from the anime Hetalia.

It really IS the little things! 
Thank you for sharing in this triumph with me! ♥


  1. Lisa if I were living in L.A. I don't know that I'd ever "get" the roads so don't worry, I'm not laughing;)! There's some crazy freewayage there!
    This turned out so well..cool, hip! OK, did you carve that stamp or stencil it? Love it and all the chevron tape!

  2. Thank you, Miae! I forgot to list supplies, so thank you for asking! I used the 6x6 Herringbone stencil from Balzer Designs for The Crafters Workshop, and the tape is from Amy Tangerine. :)

  3. Oh what a great page :-) love the artyness

  4. h LOVE that chevron tape!!!! I didn't get that pack- maybe it's time for a rethink? LOVE the vibrant color in this page!!!
    How strange that the blue jean paper turned gray?? I like the grey but the blue really pops in that last photo. The use of stencils is awesome here as well. I think you should submit this to the Paper Issues tape it up link party- it's a great way to see and be seen!

  5. Ok, Michelle, I'll do it! Thanks for the Paper Issues push! :) Btw, the background paper is actually gray/black denim, so it is maybe more weird that the one pic looks blue. I need to go reread your photography tip posts!

  6. Love this page, and the importance of the story (afterall that's thew reason we scrap, eh?).
    The grunginess really appeals to me and the bright colours so evocative of graffiti art.
    Thanks for linking up at Paper Issues!

  7. Fun artsy page...fun to see you over at Paper Issues!

  8. I'd say you are definitely a local to be able to maneuver that. How fun though it looks like the girls all had. Your layout is awesome. Love the artsy look and the ripped pieces of tape!

  9. Sooo happy Michelle sent you our way.. your layout is gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Paper Issues!!

  10. Ah yes. Gotta love the nightmare that is known as the LA FREEWAY SYSTEM! I don't live too far from LA myself and can relate. I love giving visitors directions somewhere and seeing the looks on their faces as I rattle off a bunch of freeway numbers.

    Thank you so much for sharing your fun page with us at Paper Issues.


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