April 10, 2012

Beautiful Girl of Mine

My daughter, Jillian, is an amazing artist.  She is constantly sketching and drawing, creating with polymer clay or origami-ish paper sculptures.  It has ben a pleasure to  see her explore different media in her art class elective in this first year of high school.  Not many of the projects make there way home as the class collection fills every bit of wall space in the school studio, so I was so giddy when she shared a little tidbit with me recently.
The challenge was to create a face as a contour line drawing, meaning drawn from one continuous line, trying not to trace back over any parts.  My immediate reaction was, "Oh!  This is beautiful!" I followed the line in awe; I studied the brilliance of the abstract suggestion of hair, the use of negative space.  I pulled back my gaze to take in the piece as a whole again, and was struck with the realization, "Oh!  This is YOU!"

"Yeah," she said with a soft chuckle.  Then she explained that the drawing was just Part 1 of the project.  Once the students created a contour line drawing of their visage, they were given a length of copper wire to bend and curve following the lines they'd drawn.

This is part of the collection now hanging in the front lobby of the school.  I loved looking at all the different faces, seeing where each person decided to start and end their sculpture.   Here's a closer look at my beautiful girl!

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  1. That is really great stuff.
    Go Jill!

  2. Hi Lisa! Tell your daughter she is one talented young lady! I love her sketch as well as the wrapped-wire sculpture version of it! It looks like her art classes at school are wonderfully inspiring. I wish so much that I would've had that kind of experience with art while I was in school; unfortunately, the teachers we had back then weren't very supportive, and didn't have a lot of patience for those of us that were just starting to discover art and experiment with our creativity.:-( She is so lucky!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my high school sports scrapbook pages! I'm glad they inspired you to crack out the old photos and memorabilia!:-) When it comes to my journaling, I'm actually really glad that for this project just enough time has passed that I don't remember every little bitty detail--b/c then I can keep the written parts nice and short!:-) You're right...sometimes the wisdom that comes from our "older and better" selves is a great help when trying to process the difficulties we experienced in our teen years!:-) :-)

  3. Oh, this is such a cool project...! I love it!


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