September 20, 2012

Loving, Kind & Fearless

Loving, kind, and fearless:  that's my sister.  She and my niece and nephew were here visiting from France in August, and when I saw this phrase on one of the papers from the My Mind's Eye "The Sweetest Thing" line, I immediately thought of Jennifer.  We had such a great visit, and it was so hard to give those last tearful hugs as we bid farewell, not knowing when the next time we'd be able to get together, and just having her so far away.

Ah, but there is a glimmer of (selfish) light in my future!  Happy Dance!

I adore that floral pattern on the journaling card.  It reminds me of a beloved sheet set from my childhood.  I think there were curtains, too.  My friend, Mrs. Do-er's daughter happens to have those same patterned sheets, and I waxed nostalgia while grilling her on the details of where she'd found them!  Maybe that childhood connection is why I HAD to use that pattern on a layout about my little sis.

Well, since our last au revoir,  we DO know when we shall meet again!  Christmas in Paris???  Mom and Dad--you are THE BEST!!!  Thank you!!!  Kiss, kiss!!  


  1. Awww--so lovely. My two daughters are loving sisters and are both so awesome--both loving, kind, and fearless.
    (and what did Mrs. Doer say about where she got those retro-sheets?)

  2. Aww, so awesome! Christmas in Paris? Stick the Do-ers in your luggage and I'll GIVE you the sheets! Seriously, though if you want them, The Girl doesn't have the full size bed any longer. I found them at a thrift store. I think it's only the pillowcase and the fitted sheet. They are so yours.

  3. I am so honored and touched by your loving! Thank you.
    We are so looking forward to your visit here in our little corner of the world. Good thing, since we might be looking for a new little corner somewhere else next year! You are one talented sister, and I love and adore you.
    Counting down the days: only 96 to go!


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