September 12, 2013

No Worries

Today I'd like to share a couple projects I made inspired by another canvas-making technique from Alma Stoller's Mixed Media class.

I made these little shadow boxes from the lid of an ink pad, and added a soda can tab to the back for hanging.

I have a bunch of Worry Dolls in my stash left over from this project.  I was thinking about how far Jeremy has come in the past few years and how I don't worry about him or his future the way I did when he was younger.  So, what do worry dolls do if they are not given worries?  They chill out and relax!

The swing is made from a cardboard coffee cup cozy.
They look a little frightened, don't they?  Lol!  

This one I made for a friend's baby shower this past weekend.  I stitched up a "Mother's Work" heart pillow, too, to give her a place to hand over any worries--big or small--that come with being a mom.

I think I will make a little series of these scenes--worry dolls on vacation or something. :)  I am obsessing over putting a couple into a little canoe!

Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you a worry-free day!


  1. Seriously... these are way cute! Love the worry dolls on the swing! Very creative use of the ink pad lids too :)

  2. Oh Lisa, I just adore these projects.
    The coolest idea : )

  3. You rock, Lisa! I love this up-cycling of worry dolls. love you, Mija.

  4. Amazing!! I love little projects like this Lisa. So cool.
    I may have to take this idea. What a great gift for someone.


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