March 03, 2014

50 Things: An Overdue Update

In August of 2012 I shared a mini book I'd made to document a self-imposed challenge of 50 Things to do before I turn 50 years old.  My 46th birthday is right around the corner, and I hadn't taken stock of my progress for my own sake, let alone to share with you, dear reader!  
So, here's 5 Things that I've tackled so far:

#1:  Travel in Europe
Completed 12/24/12 - 01/08/13

I am absolutely still pinching myself that I was able to check this one off the list so early.  It never would have been possible without the complete physical and financial support of my parents and my sister. They gifted Jillian and I with airfare, meals, expenses, and lodging.  My sister was living just outside of Paris at the time, with plans of moving back to the US, so the timing was ripe!

#2:  Take a Class in Person With
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Completed 01/18/14

This was an amazing experience, a dream come true, and a great exercise in holding back the hand-flapping, hyperventilating, "ohmigod! ohmigod!" squeals of a geeked out fan girl.  :)  Coupled with the fantastic studio space, art and hostessing-extraordinaire of the incomparable Jenny Doh, the whole weekend was deliciously surreal.  Julie has committed to teach again next January, and I hope to be a returning student!

#7:  Go to the Thursday Evening Farmer's Market
Completed 04/04/13

The "market" part of this outdoor fair was, I admit,  a bit disappointing.  I didn't expect there to be the abundance of vendors and produce offerings as our local Sunday market, but this particular night as a first impression wasn't terrific.  It was our 21st wedding anniversary, though, so we enjoyed a nostalgic fish taco from one of the few tents there and headed over to an exciting new monthly Art Slam event that will take place with the Farmer's Market.  Particularly AWESOME was that this night featured "GREEN Slam" and art of recycled materials which is a big favorite of mine.  And then, particularly un-awesome was that that part of the event wasn't scheduled to begin until after the market closed, and with a new pup left at home for several hours already, we weren't willing to stay till then.

#39:  Splurge on the Perfect Boots
Completed 11/30/12

Oh, my darlings!  How do I love thee?  And at half the price my splurge budget was set to allow, you are even lovelier paired with the additional sweaters and scarves I've been able to accessorize with you.
I. Love. These. BOOTS!!!

#42:  Go to Griffith Observatory
Completed 07/31/12

Wow!  The Observatory is so much bigger than I expected.  We enjoyed the hike up to the campus, the incredible views of Los Angeles, the science-y displays and explanations, and the film "Centered in the Universe" in the Planetarium.  All completely awesome!!  But, we didn't see everything, so need to make some return visits.  I have to look through the giant telescope yet.

I've checked some other items off the list, too, and will share those with you soon.  As of last night I have another Best Picture Oscar winning movie to watch as I make my way through 86 years of honored films .  With Mike out of town for the next twelve days, I should strategically choose a few that I can never talk him into watching with me...perhaps 1928/29's "The Broadway Melody" or 1952's "The Greatest Show on Earth"?

"All Talking, All Singing, All Dancing" ?
C'mon, Mike?  What's not to love???  ;)

Thank you for letting me share a bit of my journey with you!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Ok wow to all of this. The mini is asking would love to hold and flip through. And your list of things is amazing and inspiring. I am 46! I was way too why to meet Julie. So awesome. Paris, amazing and I know first hand those chance in a lifetime. Those boots. I want! All of this is just full of life. I say you so a PL style of this! Awesome!!

  2. Lisa I love this idea! #47 is a month away for me, I might have to make a list of 50 things to enjoy, thanks for the inspiration! and love the chunky book :)


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