June 11, 2014

Index Card A Day

Through the magical clickity-click of the World Wide Web maze I came across Tammy Garcia's blog, Daisy Yellow just in time to join in with her 61 day challenge, Index-Card-a-Day, or ICAD, which started on June 1st.  The idea is just to make a daily habit of creating.   The only criteria is that you use index cards, and as index cards are pretty much considered disposable, you should feel free to make art without any stress or worry, no thought or goal of perfection, no pressure to even produce every day if you don't want to, and no pressure to catch up if you skip a day or join in late.   Feel free to join in now if you'd like!  It's very laid back.  The only criteria is that you use index cards.

There are prompts, themes, quotes to jump start your creativity if you want, but they are completely optional.  See?  No stress!  Use a pencil, use a ballpoint pen, use some crayons, or your finest oil paints if you'd like.

Here are a few I've created so far.

Totally mindless, carefree fun--if you want it to be.
Or, if you are feeling more deep and philosophical, that's awesome, too!

If you play and want to share, be sure to join the Daisy Yellow Flickr group!

Have a great day!


  1. What a great idea! Perfect for getting those creative juices flowing....what fun cards you've made!

    1. Thank you, Miae! I imagine combining them into my paper stash and feeling free to cut, tear, or use whole on future projects. Or, perhaps just put them on a binder ring and flip through for inspiration. :)

  2. Your card-creations are wonderful; great variety. So "do-able" too. I love it.


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