December 01, 2011

Hard Working Man

My husband is one of the hardest working people I know.  Having his own business means he wears the hats of at least 5 people.  He also does freelance graphic and design work, helps around the house, is an amazing father, husband, and pet daddy.  The amount of stuff he gets done in a 24-hour period amazes me.  He never complains.  He is gracious and happy, funny, affectionate and kind.

When I look around at the things I'm responsible for around here, and note that I slack on housework, laundry, etc. (but make plenty of time for my hobbies) I realize how disparate the workload is.  He holds so many reins and works 14-, 16-, 18-hour days.  All so we can eat, sleep, play, and live virtually carefree.

I created this layout for an online crop event at Cocoa Daisy a couple weeks ago.  The challenge was put forth by Anja Wade, one of their amazingly talented Design Team members, to garner inspiration from a collection of gig posters she put together. 

Here is the one I chose:

This Elliott Smith poster spoke to me because Mike sports the same chin beard, I love the colors, and when he and I lived in San Diego we would sometimes go hang at the Belly Up and listen to great music.

And here is the layout I created:

I used Photoscape to change this photo of us first to black and white, then to the contrasty blue tone.  I wish I could tell you exactly how I did it, but let me assure you it was pretty simple (hence me being able to do it!) and that for being a free downloadable photo editing software, Photoscape has a lot of cool filters and color shifting tools to play around with.  A definite score for this girl with a broken CD drive and an unloaded Photoshop disk. 

I printed it out on a couple pieces of white 8x11 cardstock, pieced it together, hand cut the title, wrote out my journaling, and voila! 

And guess what?  I won that challenge!  Hooray for me!  And Hooray for Cocoa Daisy! :)  Thank you so very much for the honor, the inspiration, and the fun!

I'll share some of the other challenge layouts from the crop soon!
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  1. Hi Lisa! Wow! I sure love this design! What a neat idea to use pop art posters as inspiration for a layout! You've inspired me to create some similar effects with my photos, using my Photobooth program!

    I think we have a lot in common, in that we both have husbands who are the 2000's version of Superman! I'm about as unmotivated (and unskilled, unfortunately!) when it comes to cooking as anyone could be...but my husband agrees to do most of the cooking, does a great job, and even enjoys it to some degree! He's also been a strong supporter of my art and other interests, which I appreciate so very much. We are so lucky we managed to find guys such as these!:-)

  2. Love how this turned out! What a fantastic job on this page!

    Feel a bit guilty reading this post b/c I've got me a wonderfully hard working man too...self employed and also 100% dedicated family man..I don't think I've let him know how much I appreciate him in a while.... need to change that!

  3. Oh this is awesome- I love it!!!! Wishing you an amazing day! Nat


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