December 11, 2011

Toilet Paper Art (?!?!?)

My daughter, Jillian, is a creative dynamo.  She always has been.  At age 3 she would cry that her Barbie didn't have a couch to sit on, suck up the tears, go draw one on paper and be completely satisfied to continue with her imaginative play.  Her aunt and uncle have talked a play-doh pizza she made at age 6 into the stuff of legends.  But in between the playdoh stage and the introduction to polymer clay there was...DUN-dun-duuuun....Toilet Paper! 

She and her friend, Kirsten, were so prolific when they'd get together.  These little sculptures of sopping wet toilet paper mush would constantly line the bathroom counter to air dry.  There would be dogs, chairs, bathtubs, cradles, baby chicks and ducklings, all waiting to dry before being embellished with felt pen faces and decorations of bits of string and this and that.  I loved and despised it all at the same time. 

I think this dog is the last standing relic of the toilet paper sculpting phase. 
I was surprised that she still has it!

I found an old picture of the girls from that era to commemorate the passing fad.  With guidance from the artiste, I made some wet toilet paper pulp, sculpted a heart to add to my layout, and molded some onto a couple large foam stamps to form the impressed letters "T" and "P".  Once dry, I painted the depressed area with acrylic paint and a very fine brush.  I used an empty toilet paper tube to stamp white paint circles onto my painted patterned paper as a variation on the theme.

This layout was created last month as part of the Cocoa Daisy Fall Crop for one of the challenges.

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  1. Love all the toiletpaper projects- so much fun!!!

  2. Wait- that is GENIUS!!!! Seriously! I see stamped stars and hearts- THANK YOU for this idea- I needed a quick and easy craft I could do with my Lola! Thank you for swinging by my blog- I told my husband your story and we both had a huge laugh over it- now our improvised version of that song will be a family in joke. ;)
    Great page too! It's a great subject to cover- I hope my kiddo has as much enthusiasm! LOVE the paint and that pink background paper has me drooling!

  3. finally had a moment to really check this out. wonderful! so creative. hope your holiday prep is peaceful and filled with spirit. Merry, merry Christmas!



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