January 23, 2012

Thank You, Scrap Fairy!

I'm a bad person.  And it's NOT my mom's fault.  She raised me right; I know what good manners are.  But, I rarely send thank you notes.  Even though writing them was an essential part of my upbringing.

I know:  I'M HORRIBLE!

I am not ungrateful, however.  I remember giving my husband an earful when we were dating for not saying thank you to someone.  His response, "I exude appreciation."  My jaw dropped open--the NERVE!  And yet, here I am twenty-plus years into that relationship, not sending thank you notes.  His lack of articulated acknowledgment is by no means his convention, and I don't believe this is a practice I've adopted, so much as another I've abandoned. (He truly is one of the kindest people I've ever known.)

Well, something happened.  I received a HUGE, HUGE gift: a box of scrappy goodness that you can't even begin to imagine!!  TWENTY-FOUR POUNDS of beautiful papers (Prima, Authentique, Echo Park, Websters, s.e.i), alphas, embellishments, flowers, bling, pearls, and dies.  The DIES!  So many Nestabilities for a girl who had zero!  Whoa!  The gift was from my lovely Mother-in-Law and her very generous friend, the Scrap Fairy.  The thing is, I don't have direct contact with the Scrap Fairy, so there was no phone call to make, or email to send, or visible means of exuding my immense appreciation with a hug or even a knowing glance.  

It would have to be a card.

So, there they are.  A card for each, my Mother-in-Law and the Scrap Fairy.  I truly enjoyed making them and expressing my gratitude in them.  And I know I need to get back into the practice and habit--the civilized and proper etiquette--of sending Thank You notes. 

THANK YOU for visiting!  I am exuding appreciation! ;)


  1. Lisa a laughed a little as I read this for I recognized myself (minus 24lbs of paper of course!!)..I do not send out thank you cards either though I really, really do feel the thanks inside (Lame I know!)..well your cards a so lovely, I'm sure they'll mean very much to the ladies!!

  2. ;) I haven't even sent out my wedding thank yous! We got married in 2009. And Christmas cards? Forget about it! Your card looks great- the cover is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for swinging by my blog so regularly- it's incredibly encouraging!

  3. Lisa to let you know that I think you've got a great blog I've sent you the Liebster award!! Come on over and "collect" your award :)

  4. Hi Lisa! I can totally relate to being bad at sending thank-you cards. My wedding reception was back in July, and I've still not sent out the thank-you's. I know that according to traditional etiquette, the bride gets one year--but that's pretty pathetic, and I know I've never received a thank-you card any later than a month after the reception! Hopefully one of these days I'll get down to business; I told myself I'd do them over Christmas break but it never happened. At the very least, this post reminded me it's definitely time to do something about it!:-)

    Congrats on your lovely gifts...you are so fortunate to have crafty family members who know exactly what to buy! I think your card is gorgeous. I love the richness of the colors, the bling, and the shabby chic details. You have created a piece of art in appreciation for your gift, and the recipient will definitely recognize your appreciation!

  5. I too am bad at sending thank you notes, but I have made some in my past. It's the sending that's the problem.


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