January 15, 2012

Too Cute--Embroidered Napkins

My crafty friend, Mrs. Do-er.  *Sigh.*  I was sooooo excited when I had the inspiration to embroider some breakfast themed napkins for her and her family for Christmas.  I knew she would LOVE them.  And she does.  But, she says she WON'T USE THEM because they are TOO CUTE!!  Oh, no!  My intention was to make her a utilitarian gift, something that needn't just sit on a shelf, gather dust, etc.  (I've given her many of those!  Lol!)

I was very proud of my sketchy skills for the embroidery designs, and so in love with that wavy, brown, bacon-y fabric.

And the blueberry muffin motif was made especially for her because of her work with a special little boy.  Mrs. Do-er is one of my Autism Angels. 

So, while it is quite a compliment that she tells me she is trying to figure out how to display the napkins on her wall, there is a downfall to something being too cute to use.  I've offered to make her a wall-hanging; we'll see if she takes me up on it.  And next time I'm over at her house, I may have to rifle through her stuff and wipe my mouth on these.  Lol!

I want to thank Penny at Sew Take a Hike for a great tutorial on mitering the corners on the trimmed edge of these napkins.  I constructed mine a little differently so that the folded edge of the trim would butt against the raw edge of the base fabric, but her instructions and photos were crucial to me being able to figure that out.  Also, I am now on the hunt for some newsprint fabric because those napkins she made are ALMOST too cute to use, too!   :)

Sew Take A Hike

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  1. Hi Lisa! What adorable napkins! The embroidery adds such a nice, homespun touch. They remind me of some vintage hand towels my grandmother used to have in her kitchen and bathroom.

  2. Fine! I'll use them, but ONLY if you swear to make me more if we use them to pieces! I do want that wall hanging still. I'm greedy like that. I teared up at the blueberry muffin. I love how you realize how important those moments are to me. Also, The Boy has laid claim to the bacon napkin. He is all about the bacon these days. Thanks for such a beautiful gift. I feel blessed!

  3. LOVE these!!! Fantastic! The idea that you would seek out your own napkins to defile them enough for regular use made me laugh- and yes the bacon napkin is AWESOME!!! That newsprint fabric is to die for!

  4. These are so stinkin' cute I'd hesitate to use them too!


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