January 02, 2015

Reality Bites

Ah, aging...It's a wonderful thing!  Maturity, wisdom, life experience...

And...TRIFOCALS???  Are you kidding me???

Well, for the love of Lisa Loeb, at least there are cute frames out there to accommodate the progressive lenses I've come to require.  :)

Also love that printed overlay--perfection!

I adored this glittery paper from My Mind's Eye the moment I saw it (with my fresh new spectacles) and knew I had to document this little "progression" in my life.

And to drive home the aging theme, how 'bout titling this layout with an apt reference to the 1994 film which launched Lisa Loeb's single "Stay" to Number 1 on the charts, a song that still resonates today as much as it did 20 years ago.

If not my eyesight, I can only hope the rest of me has as much longevity.  :)

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