March 31, 2013

Still Searching for Myself

I found my art journal the other day.  It was buried on my work table which is decidedly too small a space for working AND allowing in progress things to dry and/or marinate.  A re-design of my space is in progress.  :)  

Flipping through, I found this spread from May of last year.  "You can be who you want to be….and it doesn't have to have a name.  It doesn't have to be defined.  It is You.  At your core, your center, it is You."  Hmm.  Sage advice I'd given myself, and yet I am still struggling, still trying to construct a definition.   

I need to put that torch down.  I need to answer "Who Am I?" with "I Am Me."

"Me" is answer enough, though I can always continue developing, evolving, and emerging into my me-ness.

This bit of blue paper that I made into a pocket for my journaling was piece of a two part experiment.
Part One was to draw and cut out the "girl version" of the paper dolls seen in the Amy Tangerine washi tape there, with the connected hands and feet forming heart shapes.  Part Two was me wondering how bleach and colored paper would react.  I mixed some bleach and water in a spray bottle, laid the paper dolls down as a mask, spritzed and waited to see what happened.  I like it!!

I know that my art journal is a pivotal part of my self-discovery process.  In finding it, I feel I found a piece of me.  A forgotten piece, literally buried beneath a bunch of "have-to's", projects for others or for purposes other than play.

How completely perfect that it resurrected itself today, on Easter Sunday.  :)

Happy Spring!  Thank you for visiting!


  1. wow. what a beautiful post.
    I don't get over here much or to any blogs lately. How much I miss that. I really enjoy reading other women's perspective on life and self and discovery. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


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