March 26, 2013

Today's Post Brought to You By…

...The Letter "R"

I've always been a HUGE fan of Sesame Street, hence the title of today's post.  Why the letter "R"?  Well, when I came up with this idea for an off-the-page project for Remember When, I decided "R for Remember When" was a good candidate.

R is a lovely balanced letter from a monogramming  standpoint:  It's as heavy on top as on bottom, has vertical, round, and slanted lines, and has complete as well as broken horizontal elements to carry a design across, both directly and suggestively.  

Paper: My Mind's Eye Collectable "Remarkable"

To construct the letter, I printed out a bold "R" in Arial Black font at size 800.  I traced it onto a piece of 12x12 chipboard, which was actually the backing of a stack of scrapbook paper.  From a thinner, flexible piece of cardboard (the back of an old spiral notebook) I cut 1-1/4" strips and glued them perpendicularly around the edge of the R, creating a 3D block letter.  

While a coat of blue paint dried on the finished R, I punched a bunch of 1-1/4" circles from the papers and curled one side of each around a pencil.   I glued the flat edges in a scale pattern on the front. 

I think this would look cute on the mantel of some R-named family, or on a bookshelf in an R-named kid's room.  I wonder if Jeremy would mind if we changed his name to Rob, Randy, Rick or Rafael….   

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  1. Lisa, a very cool and unique project! I love your description of the letter R, never quite thought of it that way before...wonderful dimensionality to the project too!

  2. Love the colours in the papers you used, looks amazing!


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